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The Melting Ice Caps-Selfish Bachelor: The Verdict is in

The Melting Ice Caps second download single 'Selfish Bachelor' has received brilliant press thus far:

'his love of filthy pop and throbbing synths are back, now with operatic vocals. Delicious.'
John Earls- Planet Sound- teletext

'Anthemic, gothic, atmospheric, pragmatic, romantic synth-blues from David Shah. He was frontperson for Luxembourg, you know. The peerless pop-rock. genius production line, not the titchy faux country. IS IT ANY GOOD?We believe so, yes and venture to suggest truly civilized country would have The Melting Ice Caps gurning merrily for popular approval on Pap Idle or Vex Factor instead of some airhead with more testicles than brain cells.'

'Selfish Bachelor’ is just one beautiful track and the outro may reduce some to tears (Or maybe that’s just me).'
Music like dirt

'an intimate work of guise and poise'

'Excellent' Indie MP3

'In the style of the great Scott Walker and My Life Story.' Penny Black Music

'There were always three things that made Luxembourg stand out from the pack - David's laconic but versatile vocal, their lyrical witticisms and the energy of their catchy pop-noir tunes. 'Selfish Bachelor' has plenty of the first two, but comes at more of a sedate pace. Carefully arranged with gentle washes of keyboard, the lyrics are put centre-stage, telling the tale of the self-inflicted lonliness of the titular bachelor. It's well put together, bringing to mind some of Pulp's more low-key album tracks.

It lacks something that moves a track from being a good, crafted pop song into something more special. Plenty of potential on show though, and I'm looking forward to future releases.'Maps Magazine

'This is a promising volume of work from this upcoming indie folk talent.' Die Shell Suit die

'(the set)We witnessed tonight was full of utterly brilliant songs. David Shah (for he is the Melting Ice Caps) commanded the stage like a cross between a young Marc Almond and Jarvis Cocker and was utterly compelling to watch.' Pop N Cherries
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