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It goes like this, something like this

there are moments of joy...

Fans of the band Luxembourg
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This is a community for the london based band, Luxembourg.
a few band facts to get you started:

1. Luxembourg perform apocalyptically good pop to a crowd of devotees, for whom everyone else is just foreplay. Welcome to your new favourite band. If you relax it will be painless.

2. Luxembourg is the result of shares influences, shared houses, shared partners. We've taken cities and we've got designs on your countryside.

3. Luxembourg has been a viable concern for two years. While the pre-history has exerted an undeniable influence, some things are better left to the archaeologists. We want it all now.

4. Luxembourg, alphabetised: Alex plays keyboards, David sings, Jon plays bass, Rob plays guitar, Steve plays drums.

5. Luxembourg, trivialised: Steve likes to make people laugh, Rob likes dinosaurs and dogs, Jon likes smoking and sleeping, David likes fresh vegetables, Alex likes you.

6. Luxembourg has been compared to Pulp, The Smiths, Suede, Roxy Music, PIL, Bowie. This is very flattering, yet none of these is our aim. We need a little bit more.

7. Luxembourg is not a genre. Luxembourg is not an act. We are the resistance.

8. Luxembourg hail from small towns and suburbs. This is why we love London.

9. Luxembourg have never been to Luxembourg.

10. Luxembourg wants to unsettle you, to reel you in, to seduce you utterly, completely, to be your new favourite band, the first thing you think about when you wake up, the reason why you touch yourself, your blood, your oxygen, your everything. Five down, the world to go. Success is never enough.

From the luxembourg official website

just a few rules:
use lj-cut when needed, be nice, keep the topic based on Luxembourg, have fun.

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