sophieduck (sophieduck) wrote in luxembourg_band,

Newcastle anyone going to the Cooperage who actually lives in Newcastle, and wouldn't mind housing/entertaining one or two Ducks 'til about 6:00am? Please?

And is the venue anywhere near Neville St.??!

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Yay walking distance from Neville St.

All we need now is somewhere to stay..
(any all night cafes/open stations etc are equally welcome)

i have been working on convincing jon with a car to drive so phil, kate and i can come.....
Ooooh......can you fit a little one in? I would say a little two, but I'm increasingly suspicious that Lisa is going to back out due to newish job/sickie-throwing phobia. Lis?

he said his car can squeeze four beside him - you have to help with the convincing. (jon, don't be mad at me for discussing this in a public place! you know you want to go.)
Ooh, so that would make me #4 yeah?

Come on Jon - remember who introduced you to the delights of Luxembourg!!! And who found your badge when you dropped it at Stay Beautiful! And who's parties you love so much! And...erm, oh please can you squeeze me in?! I'll check with Lis quickly if she still wants to go, but if she does it will still help to halve the strangely extortionate megabus fare ("TWENTY-THREE QUID?!!!)


If Jon doesn't want to go MATTHEW DUCK may be persuaded to drive, that being his assigned Duckie occupation, in exchange for a few nights entertainment round the Pond. He will need ALL the petrol money on the day though. But between four of us....

oooh, that could work as well. or if there are more of us and we need another car. petrol, of course, can be done.
I do want to go. There are so many good reasons to: not having to wait another two weeks for a Luxembourg gig, I haven't been north of Cambridge for about 3 years, a little road trip would be fun.
But, but, but ... there are too many reasons I can't. I really can't take the time off work (it just happens that pulling a sickie next week would drop the people I work with in the shit - I'd feel guilty about this). Also I've got four different things to get to press for Unite this week including publicity for the May Day gigs. This not happening is not an option.
So, even though I'm still tempted, I really can't. Maybe next time?
Panic over - Matthew Duck has been persuaded to drive. There's 3 spaces to be filled, first come first served. We'll be leaving London lunchtime-ish to allow for plenty of service station action. Bring any music you want. And bananas and Ribena. Keep the bananas away from Phil though....

PS - Jon - how about Sheffield? It's a sunday...
Me, Kate and Brenda then please.

Matthew rocks my world.

That's sorted then. Luxembourg are on stage at 9:30. We're giving it just over 6 hours to get there, taking stops into account, and I expect we'd quite like some time to take advantage of the cheap Northern drinks. So I reckon we'll probably leave london no later than 2.Probably a bit earlier.I will get onto the driver about exact time and pick up location.

Bring yourselves and petrol money.

Optional extras:

To be in the driver's extra good books - bring pasties/orange juice/cadbury's dairy milk with biscuit.

To be in the navigator/map-reader/DJ's extra good books - bring music/bananas/ribena light.

Obviously we'll be arriving back in London at some ungodly hour. You are all welcome to stay at the Pond and make use of our abundance of tea and duvets until whenever you wish.

I'm pathetically excited.

oh my oh my.

i am intensely excited. i've just had my boss on the phone telling me, after i asked for thursday and friday off, that i deserved it.

thank you!

I'm still slightly scared about throwing a sickie...

I say scared, to be fair I know I'm indispensable...



13 years ago


13 years ago

Righto - our driver has informed me he will be arriving at The Pond at 12 noon on thursday. This means 12:30. I propose we depart for the North not much later than 1pm, so if you could all arrive in good time for that it'd be lovely. Feel free to arrive any time after 12 and insist I make you tea.